Brief Description of Hadeth El-Joubbeh my birth place
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Hadeth El-Joubbeh is a very small and beautiful resort town in the northern part of Lebanon. It sits on a hill 1450 meters above the sea level. It overlooks the famous Cedars of  Lebanon that are mentioned in the Bible (" From the top of the Cedar, from the highest branch I will take a shoot and plant it myself on a very high mountain...this branch will bear fruit and become a noble Cedar" (Ezkiel 17:22-26).) (See also this link about the Cedars in Lebanon by Rania Masri ) and the Valley of Kadisha  (Valley of Saints) See  also this link
It has about 500 residents during the winter and about 8000 during the summer. Many of its inhabitants immigrated all over the world. There are ten of thousand of Lebanese abroad that are originally from Hadeth El-Joubbeh. It has two churches (Maronite). One of the two churches (Saint Daniel) is a historic one (more will be said about it very soon). Almost every house has someone named Daniel.

Hadeth El-Joubbeh has 4 hotels. (List of hotels)

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