Memorial Fund for Saab Challita Saab
Donated to the St. Daniel Project

Father Habib Saab Thank you letter in Arabic

Here is a brief translation in English:

To the President and Members of the Hadeth El-Joubbeh Organization in Sidney, Australia.

After my sincere salutations to you and to all Hadeth El-Joubbeh people in Australia, I would like to let you know that the St. Daniel Account has been credited an amount of US$2385 as a memorial donation for Saab Challita Saab according to the wishes of his widow Renee Hanna Chidiac-Saab and his children Charles and Michel.
Our thanks go to his family. Our prayers and those of our parish will be offered on his behalf. Saab has been a good friend of the Parish who would remember him for ever.
Our thanks go also to the Hadeth El-Joubbeh Organization in Sidney, Australia who sponsored this effort and similar ones. Let us work together to accomplish this and other future projects.
Together, we can accomplish miracles.
Father Habib Saab.

The organization of would like to thank the Organization of Hadeth El-Joubbeh in Sydney, Australia and especially Mrs Rana Saab for making this donation through this homepage. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family.